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Ian Leslie OAM - Corporate Communicator & National identity Famous as a reporter on 60 Minutes, Ian Leslie is by reputation and accomplishment one of Australia's outstanding television journalists and corporate communicators. Recipient of Australia's most coveted honour for journalism, the Walkley Award, and a household name from his days with 60 Minutes, Ian's breadth of experience, contact with world leaders in business and politics, and journalistic integrity have earned him universal respect.

Ian Leslie was the face of Woolworths, Australia's most successful public share float; Arnott's, when faced with a crisis turned to him to restore public confidence. The Victorian Government used the power of Ian Leslie to launch its electricity privatisation scheme.

An articulate facilitator of Government, business and Environmental issues… he is a name that business and governments are turning to.

In his eleven years with 60 Minutes he will be remembered most for his compassionate reporting, especially where children were involved and for his unwavering commitment, to expose suffering both here in Australia and in developing countries.

  • Ian Leslie covered conflicts in most of the world's major trouble spots: Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lebanon, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Burma, Korea, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland.

  • He gained access to many world leaders...including audiences with, Moraji Desai (Prime Minister of India), Benazir Bhutto (Prime Minister of Pakistan), Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), Ugandan Presidents Beniza, Obote, Muzeweri.

  • His most notable coup was an interview with Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt and Camp David fame. The only Australian journalist to profile the great World Statesman.

  • He has interviewed all Australian Prime Ministers since John Gorton.
Other awards were ....
  • Best Reporter of the Year (1985) and Best Current Affairs Report (1986).

Ian Leslie was born 6 July 1942. His father, William Leslie, was born in Aberdeen Scotland, 4 June 1906 and the family moved to Toowoomba, Queensland in 1950.

1962 - 1972
Commenced his career in journalism as a cadet journalist and trainee cine cameraman, in Toowoomba Queensland, attaining the position of News Editor.

1972 - 1977
Moved to Sydney, Senior Reporter with the Ten Network. Ian won acclaim for his investigative reporting, specialising in political, consumer and crime issues. He covered all major political upheavals of the Whitlam Labour Government era.

Ian Leslie has received no less than six awards for distinguished journalism. His crowning accolade, was the prestigious WALKLEY AWARD, Australia's highest recognition for journalistic excellence.

1977- 1989
Ian joined the Nine Network as a reporter with A Current Affair and was then appointed as one of the three original reporters, on the 60 Minutes team. Ian Leslie was selected from reporters all over Australia, to join Ray Martin and George Negus in a program which made Australian television history.

1989 - 1990
Rejoined the Ten Network to form his own documentary and special projects unit responsible for the Networks public affairs productions. Later that year took up the position as anchorman for the Ten Evening News.

1990 -2002
Formed his own production company specialising in corporate communications and today is one of the most sought after corporate presenters in the country.
Photograph: Courtesy Ian Leslie, Sydney NSW Australia