Clan Leslie Society
Australia & New Zealand



The Leslie/Lang association is for the most part traditional. The association began in the 16th century with a marriage between the two families. There are several renowned Langs. Two served as MP's for the Orkeny and Shetland Islands. Malcolm Lang (1762-1818) was a Scottish historian. Alexander Lang (1783-1826) was a famous African explorer who was the first European to reach Timbuktu. While fighting to suppress the African slave trade Alexander was killed by Arab slave- traders.

Andrew Lang (1814-1912) was born in Selkirk, Scotland. He was considered to be on of Britain's greatest Journalists. He wrote a four volume history of Scotland. He also wrote biographies of Queen Mary and John Knox. He was also a celebrated poet. His English translation of the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer brought him recognition all through the English-speaking world.

Cosmo Gordon Lang (1864-1945) was the Archbishop of Canterbury and also the 1st Baron of Lambeth. He became internationally famous for his abdication of King Edward VIII.

The first Lang established in the United States was John Laing. John was born in Aberdeenshire and he settled in New Jersey in 1685. There are well over 230 direct descendants of John throughout the United States.