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The Australian Federation Tattoo

Bendigo Easter Fair Festival

The Australian Federation Tattoo was first performed in 1999 as the key feature of the famous Bendigo Easter Fair Festival, in Bendigo in the state of Victoria Australia.

Today, the Australian Federation Tattoo and its blend of music, ceremony, and entertainment is amongst the world’s finest Tattoo style events.

More than 75,000 people have witnessed the Australian Federation Tattoo since its original presentation in 1999. Visitors come from every corner of Australia (around 86 percent of the audience are visitors to the region hosting the Tattoo). And they are joined each year by a cast in excess of 400 for each Tattoo production.

At the heart of every Tattoo's universal appeal are the stirring sight of the massed pipes and drums and the regimentation of special guest military bands, both Australian and International.

But the Tattoo is not just a Scottish or Military show. Nor is it confined to music. Since its original presentation it has presented a whole host of international performers - military and civilian - from a variety of countries including, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Denmark , Scotland and the Pacific Islands. Bands and artists of all sizes and descriptions have performed including The Copenhagen Police Band, The Australian Army Band Tasmania, the Royal New Zealand Navy Band, the United States Marine Corps Band (Pacific) the Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band (NZ) Molly’s Revenge (USA) Donald Cant (Phantom of the Opera) The Pipin Hot Band and Cutting Edge Drum Corps (New Zealand), The African Royal Drummers, Pyro Puppets (South Australia), amongst the standout performances at the Australian Federation Tattoo.

The result is an unforgettable annual spectacle that is rightly renowned internationally.