Clan Leslie Society
Australia & New Zealand


Beechworth Celtic Festival

9 - 11 November 2012

Our committee endeavours to create a celebration that is culturally rich. Each year we try to introduce new festival features as well as revive some of the favourites from past festivals. We put an emphasis firmly on participation with a diverse range of workshops for music, dance and poetry, as well as sessions and performance. We believe you will find our festival entertaining, spectacular, enjoyable and this year the best festival ever!

Our committee is made up entirely of volunteers and put in many hours of planning for the festival – we are a small but merry band. Consider joining us – or even think about devoting a little time to a subcommittee? It would make our tasks so much lighter and we'd be able to enjoy the festival too.

Thanks to all our fantastic volunteers from previous festivals. Volunteering is easier when there are more people to spread the load. Our Celtic Crew volunteers work tirelessly and do an absolutely wonderful job.

Committee Profile:

The small group on the Celtic Committee are responsible for the implementation, development, attraction of funding, marketing and promotion of the Festival. Following the 2006 event, it was decided that a more professional approach was required to ensure the ongoing sustainability of this event. The 2006 volunteer committee's successfully took the 2008/2009 event back to its beginnings so that it reflected a true country Celtic festival which incorporated all facets of community involvement. This concept has been carried through to the current event held today.

2011 Committee Members: Brett Cavigan, Harry Thomas, Roger Humphris, Chris Rule, Rob Webster, George Brown, Ben Kraus, Stephen Graham, Anne Jovaras, Meryl Johnson, Rob Holden, Hilary Murtagh, Owen Keylock & Susan Jory. We'd like to acknowledge our many helpers throughout the planning of this year festival. You know who you are…. Thank you.